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When someone enters in the IT field, he or she is expected to have a basic knowledge of programming. Programming is the process of writing computer programs which is in the form of algorithm and encoding it into a computer. Not many people who enter in IT are good or interested with the programming language. However, they work in the IT but in a different segment. There are various courses that are included in the IT which does not include programming. Just like the people working in the hospitals are not doctors but are nurses, lab technicians, therapists, specialty consultants, pharmacists etc. In the same way people working in IT field might choose networking, data center setups, hardware and software infrastructure, database management, security and web development.

Hence, when you are think about IT, it’s not important that you must become a programmer or know the ins and outs of coding. You can choose from a varied field matching your skills and interests. So, in today’s blog we will discuss a few career choices that will help you to set a career path in the Information Technology industry.